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From 2006 till 2010 FACT Foundation together with ADPP - Mozambique implemented the pilot project "Jatropha for local development" in Cabo Delgado Province in Nothern Mozambique.

The project tested the feasibility of using locally produced Jatropha oil to provide energy and other products in support of local development. In the project area a significant part of the income generated by the communities is eventually used for buying fossil fuel to run vehicles, maize mills and other machinery. Limited access to energy is a major obstacle to development. If fossil fuel can be substituted with locally produced Jatropha oil important resources will be freed up for development.

Under the project a full production/value chain was established covering every step from seed selection to oil extraction, conversion of diesel engines to run on Jatropha oil and the production of soap and other products.

Comprehensive research was undertaken by the project - often in collaboration with research institutions in Africa and Europe. The main findings of this research is made freely available on this web site and much of it has been presented at conferences and in publications. We invite you to use it and please contact us if you have questions or need further details.

At the end of the project in 2010 the production chain works and major problems have been solved. Farmers produce Jatropha and have planted more than anticipated. Some engines in the area running on Jatropha oil and soap production has started.

The concept of using Jatropha for local development appears feasible and economic calculations indicate that the system is viable and profitable both for the farmers and the processing plant.

However, the production system is fragile at its current level of development. There are for instance only two oil presses in the area, one truck for transporting seeds from the communities and few people with sufficient knowledge about processing, engine conversion and other technical issue. To make it resilient it needs to be expanded.

More research is required in a number of areas. Although the system works there is much room for optimisation and improvement at every step from selection of better planting material, optimized pruning, better and simpler engine conversion kits, procedures to ensure oil quality and much more.

We expect the system will expand in the coming years. Biogas production from Jatropha press cake is likely to start in 2011 under another project. Other value added products are being planned as well as follow-up research.

January 2010
Planting Jatropha seedlings for fencing and fuel production

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