14 Response to manure

Implemented by:
Rogério Jamice, IIAM (2007)
Main findings: Jatropha respond very positively to application of manure.

To test if Jatropha responds to additional nutrients an observation trial was made. At a demonstration plot made with the extension service in Sussundenga manure was applied to one row of Jatropha. The response was immense resulting in plants growing almost at double the speed and in most cases setting seeds after just one year whereas only few of the unfertilized plants had seeds at this age.

The demonstration plot was not laid out and managed sufficiently well to be used for exact measurements but still useful for simple observations. The plot later got attacked by yellow flee beetles and although most plants managed to survive they did not grow or produce any significant amount of seeds.

On the photo only the row to the left has been manured.
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