07 Seed Collection for JEP

Implemented by: Flemming Nielsen (FACT/ Banana hill)

The lack of knowledge about Jatropha varieties is a serious obstacle to progress in improvement of the Jatropha germplasm. The program Jatropha curcas evaluation, breeding and propagation programme (JEP) of Wageningen University requested seed samples worldwide. We decided to contribute and submitted samples of the main local seed source at Bilibiza and a source in Niasa. The samples were received but a mishap in the laboratory left the samples useless.

This poster and this presentation gives an overview of the findings. It was found that the genetic diversity in the African accessions is very low and breeding therefore requires inclusion of material from areas with higher varity, like Central America.

Jatropha curcas sample sites

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Data sheet submitted with seed and tissue samples from Jatropha plants in Niasa and Cabo Delgado.   22k v. 6 9 Nov 2010, 07:42 Banana hill Consultants

Montes, L.R., C. Azurdia, R.E.E. Jongschaap, E.N. van Loo, E. Barillas, R. Visser and L. Mejia. Global Evaluation of genetic variability in Jatropha curcas. Poster presented at Wageningen University Plant Breeding Research Day, June 17, 2008.   862k v. 6 9 Nov 2010, 07:43 Banana hill Consultants

Montes Osorio, L.M., E.N. van Loo, R.E.E. Jongschaap, R.G.F. Visser and C. Azurdia., 2008. Global Jatropha curcas genetic diversity study and its application in breeding programs. Conference paper JatrophaWorld2008, 9-10 June 2008, Miami, USA.   4995k v. 6 9 Nov 2010, 07:44 Banana hill Consultants