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Processing Course

Technical Course on: Pure Plant Oil production (PPO) & Diesel engine modification

A one week training course on technologies for Jatropha oil processing and applications was developed and held for the first time in 2010 from 18 to 23  October.

At the bottom of this page are background documents


The objectives are:
  • to increase capacity of persons working in Jatropha projects with small farmers in SADC countries. Participants will profit from the experiences of the FACT-ADPP pilot project.

  • To increase the capacity of technicians to press and purify jatropha oil and to modify diesel engines, both stationair engines and car engines.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of using pure plant oils (PPO) in diesel engines

  • Modification of automobile diesel engines (NISSAN) to run on PPO

  • Modification of stationery diesel engines to run on PPO

  • Production of fuel grade PPO from jatropha oil

  • Pressing, Filtration, Neutralization
Two external experts, Niels Ansoe from Dajolka Denmark and Krishna Raghavan from ARRAKIS will train the participants.

Target group

Operators in vegetable oil workshops, Car mechanics, engineers, Practitioners, within the SADC region. , with a minimum of basic mechanical background


All participants will receive: Jatropha Handbook Section 5.2.2 on Modification of Diesel engines (in Portuguese)

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Presentation: Raghavan (2010): Setting up Jatropha Technical Training Center  1057k v. 1 9 Nov 2010, 23:55 Banana hill Consultants
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FACT (2010): Aplicação dos produtos Jatropha "from: Jatropha Handbook, Chapter 5 (portuguese)"  189k v. 4 15 Feb 2011, 07:11 Banana hill Consultants
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Jan de Jongh (2009): Capacity Building & Development of “Training Centers for Rural Technologies”, In Bilibiza and in Chimoio, within the FACT pilot project in Mozambique  178k v. 1 16 Feb 2011, 04:20 Banana hill Consultants