Day 04

Nursery practise


  • Morning:
    • Theoretical introduction to planning of nurseries (location, size, materials, labour)
    • Exercise where the participants plan for a nursery that will supply xx seedlings. On a map they should discuss where to locate the nursery based on water availability, flood risk, soil, distance to fields etc.
    • Discussion of different propagation methods like cuttings and direct seeding, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Afternoon:
    • Continue the practical work in the nursery.
    • Learn to make quality cuttings (thickness, length, ligneous branches etc.) They will be used later
    • Walk to the first rope pump in the valley that was destroyed by flooding. If fire damaged Jatropha plants that have been regrowing are still found nearby show them to give the participants an idea about the fire resistant properties of Jatropha


After this day the participants are able to decide the best location of a nursery and the size and material requirements. They will be confident working in the nursery and understand how Jatropha is affected by fire.

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