Day 10

Processing & Use of Jatropha oil and other products


  • Morning:
    • Theoretical introduction to the various uses of Jatropha, including bio-diesel production, blends and use of PPO in modified diesel engines, soap, lamp oil. Usage of the press cake for biogass, fertilizer etc. will be covered too.
    • Theoretical overview of processes and equipment for processing Jatropha
  • Afternoon: Hands-on experience:
    • Oil pressing by hand
    • Oil pressing with screw press (demonstration in BBC workshop)
    • Soap production
    • Production of candle sticks, i.e. bamboo with Jatropha kernels
    • Observe how the viscosity of Jatropha oil changes when heated


After this day the participants have a good overview of what steps are involved in Jatropha processing. They understand the advantages and disadvantages of different methods.

After this day the participants know about the different uses of Jatropha and they are able to produce soap and candle sticks from Jatropha.

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